Looking to build a home in Oldham County?

Looking to build a home in Oldham County? The process can seem overwhelming... How do you select a builder? How do you choose a lot? How do the finances work? What does the timeline look like? These are a few of the questions likely running through your head right now! Don't worry! We can guide you through the process & make it an enjoyable one.

Reasons to Build in Oldham County

  1. Award winning Oldham County Schools
  2. Proximity to Louisville
  3. Variety of lot sizes & land to build on
  4. Small town feel

How do I find a lot to build on?

Know you want to build, but not sure where? Maybe you've dialed in on a location but don't know how to go about finding available lots. Selecting land or a lot is actually an integral part of the building process and can play very heavily into the overall cost of building. We love to be engaged from lot selection on, so we can help guide our clients in decision making to set them up for success. Our team has strategies in place to identify land/lot options that may not be officially listed on the market. We develop some of our own neighborhoods in Oldham County, and we maintain good working relationships with other builders and developers throughout the area. No matter where you're looking to build a home in Oldham County, we can help simplify the process of finding a lot.

How can I keep my home on budget?

You've heard the horror stories. Cousin Jenna built a house, and while she budgeted for one thing, her home ended up coming in on a whole other level price wise.

We can keep you from ending up like Cousin Jenna. While it is always possible that clients make changes or additions during construction, we spend a whole lot of time on the front end to ensure expectations are in line with reality.The last thing our team wants is for you to sign on the dotted line, then feel disappointed at every turn as you're making selections.

How do we set expectations? Simple. We spend a lot of time in the 'pre-construction' phase of the build before we ever sign a contract. During this phase we make sure the plan, finishes, and price all line up where they need to be. We also take you to real life examples of other homes we've built, to make sure we have a handle on finish level.

Before you build a home in oldham county, make sure you tour some new builds! Whether you're building a Key Home or working with another builder, seeing previous work is a very important step in the process!

How do I figure out construction financing?

Once you decide you want to build, figuring out how to pay for the build can add another layer of stress. We try to simplify this process. Rather than you as the client having to deal with closing on a lot, handling construction financing, then figuring out permanent financing, we can take on this load.

We can structure things so we actually purchase the lot and carry the construction financing. This simplifies things for you as the buyer, meaning you only need to give an initial deposit at contract signing, then secure your permanent financing as you would with any other home purchase.

How long does this process take?

While every scenario can be different, there are definitely 'norms' when it comes to timeline. From contract to closing, we can usually accomplish a build within 6-8 months. There are a lot of factors at play here including lot conditions, home size & style, and weather. The time spent up front during the pre-construction phase can also vary, but you can expect to spend about 60-75 days working together on details before we're ready to sign a contract.

On the flip side, if you're building in one of our communities, the pre-construction phase can shorten tremendously. So all in, you're in that 6-10 month time frame for most builds. Once we get a handle on your specific situation, we can normally speak more to this point.

I have a home I need to sell first. How do I make that happen?

So you know you want to build, but you're overwhelmed with what the whole process entails? Don't worry, you're not alone. Often times our clients looking to build have a current home they are going to need to sell. Figuring out what that home sale looks like can be a huge part of creating the overall building game plan with finances, timeline and just peace of mind.

If you don't already have a real estate professional to help you with this end of things, we can connect you to a trusted referral.


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